Having problem with GP

2 days ago I uploaded 2 apps to GP (same app, one free, one paid). Both were online after less than 2 hours. After some time I added one more language in the description and updated (not the apk files), pro version of the app disappeared from the store, and free is not updating for about two days.

I updated the descriptions couple times, still no change: free with the old description, pro doesn’t exist (searching with package name).
I even find free app by searching by title (with old description of course).
I update other apps, all work without any problem.

Don’t know what to do…

Sorry to hear that your app disappeared or removed. I suggest that you contact developer support through this page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/troubleshooter/2857301#ts=3055329

Have you used certain keywords, including
“Candy, Saga, Flappy”

in your description?

sometimes app description changes take a day or 2 to update, also try looking on another phone or device since google play cache on your phone can take up to 3 days to update as well.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with that famous apps/app titles. It is an app from personalization category.

I am checking from computer, not phone.

I wrote them yesterday, as it was suggested in the top. Didn’t get any mail yet
I also deleted translation that I added later from Pro, now it is online, but the free with old description.

It is already close to 4 days, that I am having problem with those two apps. No respond from the support yet. Cannot update those two apps

Jsvanshir your apps are live with the new dedcription?

no, with the old descriptions. 5 days already. I even updated the apk file of free app, and updated the descriptions/screenshots - no change.

this is happening only to these two new apps. No problem with the old ones, they get updated in an hour or two without any problem.

having same problem with new apps?

Yes they most likely put them in the cue for human review and they will either suspend or index them, imo

I updated yesterday with new apk title and description but 24 hours and nothing. I thinking unpublish to avoid banned app.

I don’t think unpublishing app will help, I believe they will still suspend, just a guess though

in the pro I had 10+ downloads today. and they are online for some days already, even I can find by searching by title.

description in pro have been updated once, don’t know why. But then again no updates. Free - still with 14th description and apk file. So I think, it has passed that AI thing, and they just have some problems.
Anyway, I will appeal if they suspend it, I wrote this app from zero