Have your app with in-app purchases ever been banned?

This might not be the right section of the forum (David, feel free to move it please if that’s the case) but i want to check a theory of mine out.
So we all know Google is banning left and right free apps for whatever bull$hit reason they feel like lately - keyword spam, improper content rating, sexual content etc - you name it.
But my apps with IAP are all live and well. Same keywords density, same rating ( i always put "low maturity or higher - just in case) .
Do you have the same experience with your apps? Is those in-app purchases the key to keep our apps alive?
It does make sense - we let Google make a little bit of money and they keep us on the Play Store. That’s of course assuming you apps are NOT doing anything illegal.

I got one app suspended last week which was having IAP. reason was keywords stuff in description.

so even those are not safe… thanks for the reply, anybody else have similar experience?

One of my paid apps was suspended

So to have in-app purchases, my country must support merchant account right?

it doesnt matter if you have in-app purchases or not, Google will suspend your app regardless, if that is what you are asking

Why would google suspend your apps, if you followed the ToS and didn’t do anything wrong, imagine you invest like 20k$ to make some great app developing it for months, and they suspend it without any reason, there must be something wrong done by users, i doubt google would suspend apps without any reason, after all they are making money with us, so without any developers they could just suck balls, 30 % on 100k- 1 milion a month/year revenue is nice cash, isn’t it?.