Have you turned your app idea into reality?

Hi all,

I’m interested to know if there is anyone here who has had an idea for an app and turned it reality, and whether they would share some thoughts on how they went about it.

For example, are you a developer, or did you get someone to make it for you, if and how did you test whether the idea was good or not. And finally, has the idea made you any money?


I’ve turned several of my ideas into realities. Which were games.

I learned how to code about 3 years ago without ANY prior experience… Yeah it was tough road coming. I was around 17 years of age back then so I had much more time to actually focus in and learn it.

Now days I’m in games. I do all the development work myself, and outsource the rest such as graphics, sounds, translation, and even some ASO.

I haven’t made a huge return yet but each game I have made has paid for itself.

I think most of the lack of revenue came from petty beginners mistakes. Bugs, rushed publishing of a unfinished product. Which has been my worst problem rushing a game before its ready.

Anyway good luck with your idea. If your looking to outsource, keel cost LOW. You can get things developed on the cheap side these days…especially apps. Games may be a little more expensive.

Thanks Coder_For_Life22 - that’s a really positive story.

I’ve started my own website for sharing app ideas (www.dreamitapp.com) and I outsourced the development of the site, which was good, but I ended up using more than one developer and the site still isn’t quite how I envisaged it because the developer wasn’t clear enough on what he would do, and I wasn’t strong enough on pushing for greater clarity, so that is a lesson that I have learnt.

Now I’m at the stage where I’m hitting up forums such as this one to share my site and learn from other people’s experiences so that I can keep coming up with new ideas for what people are looking for in a site like mine and improvements that I can make.

I have an idea about developing a easy brain teaser android game which everyone can play and install for free with additional facility compatible for all devices.
Still working on it.

Why not head over to www.dreamitapp.com and add your idea. You can get feedback and see what other people think of it, as well as get some new ideas.