Has Leadbolt been slowing down last 3 weeks

It seem like I was making money even when I didnt make apps for a long time. But for some reason recently I have seen 3 or 4 days in a row no revenue. Anyone have news on this please post thank you so much!!

I don’t have any problem with Leadbolt on that period.

That’s funny I posted here that I havent seen any money last couple of days and then when I go to log on my account is suspended. I have already made $85 already so Iam $15 away from payment and I get suspended for no reason. I havent made any revenue so they can’t say I didnt something wrong. I guess since I posted here they got mad and suspended me unbelieveable!!

they auto suspend accounts that get tons of low quality traffic, so contact your account manager, they suspended mine and I had to contact them to reinstate it

Leadbolt is the worst advertising company for android and iOS both. I sometimes wonder why developers waste their time on that network.

Update: I still havent heard from Leadbolt !!

Now I still haven’t gotten a response to the problem and its been a couple of days now.

Finally they reinstated my account but never sent an email saying why they suspended it in the 1st place.