Has anyone tried Heyzap's ads?


Has anyone tried Heyzap’s ads? I recieved a mail from a rep and I want to hear some real experiences. The interstitial unit seems nice.

good question - anybody tried those guys??

Yea I have installed them yesterday because the ads was so nice looking. What I have to say till now is

1.Very powerful dashboard with every second update of statistics.

2.Initially presence of video ads even if you didn’t choose them by deafult (you have to deactivate them from dashboard)

3.On the first impression their ads inventory seems little poor because till now I have seen only 2 games on the ads that is clash of clans and hey day (a factory game)

  1. -the most important --I casually found that if you have slow internet connection the interstitial can show up even after 1min after you have closed the app LOL - that’s against GP terms

I thing that if they will not solve the last one in a couple of days I’ll unistall them shortly

Has this issue been solved?