Has Anyone tried AppInCHina

I came across this website run by a guy called Shlomo.


For 1,000 dollars, the site claims it will place your app on the top 20 app stores in China, within 6 weeks.

With china accounting for 70% of the world’s android smart phone market share. Its very important one capitalizes this market especially since Google Play isn’t readily available there.

So has anyone tried it?

Not a word about monetizing Chinese users on that site. What’s the point?

Scwing7, there are ways to monetize apps on the Chinese market. The right model to do so is either In-App-Purchase or Advertising. For in App purchase, you need to install the store SDK and have a Chinese entity to collect the payment.

For Advertising, Admob, as far as I know works in China so you can try with that or going with a Chinese Ad network. I’m not sure about what would be the differences in performance though.

Hope it help,

Hey Shlomo… I see you’ve found us discussing your service here huh?
Looks like ive done some marketing for you

Shlomo, i am interested in your service, but i wouldn´t pay $1.000. I offer you 50% of the revenue generated

I think you should have your app directed to Chines first ,
starting from the content and localization ,
I also think there will be a lot of competition and it will be very hard for an outsider
just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Hey tapaulo, just sent you back a message. when I see traffic from a somewhere I check the source :slight_smile:

Baksai, appreciate your interest on the service. At the moment the model is payment for the service.

Revenue share is only applicable if you need to collect your payment from within China, and is separate to the distribution service fee.

If you wish you can take our smaller packages or even do a pay per store. That would be more affordable.


It’s almost impossible to go with an English app in the Chinese market as Chinese people are language sensitive. The minimum I recommend is translation of the app and obviously the materials such as App name, description and screenshots.

What do you charge on the per AppStore Model?

The charge for single store plan is $97 per store.

Thanks, shlomo