Has anyone tested Facebook Audience Network?


is anybody here who has tested the Facebook Audience Network?

If yes, have you seen nice rates in comparison to other networks?

Thanks in advance!

Seems challenging, but unfortunately as I see, there is an approval process for each app

great ecpm rates, bad fill rate

Fill rate is expected to be less, because it is new.

Do they have to approve every app individually to let you use their ads on your app? That is what I understood from their website, if that is true, I guess most of the developers will not be happy with it…

Although I haven’t tried it yet myself, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Facebook Audience Network. I do know that you have to ‘apply’ to be a part of it and then they review your request and get back to you, so I’m not sure exactly how acceptance is decided or how quickly they reply, but I suppose that would be your first step. Then of course once you’re a member, you’ll be able to get more ‘inside’ info on pricing and such. In my experience it should be worth your while to pursue, as I’ve had success with ‘regular’ Facebook/Power Editor ads over the past few years, and I assume it’s a similar ‘system’ :wink:

Thanks first of all for all the replys!

They unfortunately do have to approve each app invidually, right.


how great? and what was your sample size?

I am specifically interested in their native ad unit to replace my stupid 320x50 banner revenue :slight_smile: the banner needs to GO

@toxic, I only use 320x50 from them, so I am happy.
ecpm is around 1 $, fill rate is around 75 % with 60 sec refresh, and 35 % with 30 sec refresh rate

I’ve just submitted some apps to see if it’s approved. They say they would respond within 14 days!

Did it take this long for does who already use it?

for me it took around 2-3 days

Thanks for all the replys!

We have integrated them in the meantime.

Our first results are:

  • really nice revenue per click (20-40 cent)
  • bad click-rate
  • very nice products are promoted, no rebill stuff etc.
  • fillrate about 70% in average

I think other networks perform better atm, but I think this could work nice in the next few months, expecially with native ads, we’ll keep testing.

what is your ecpm and refresh rate?

i think $1 eCPM on a banner is very good. AdMob is around $0.50-$0.60 in US right now.