Has anyone received a payment from MobileCore/ironSource since June 23rd, 2016?

For some reason, Mobilecore has yet to send any payments to me since June 23rd, 2016. My account manager and the email support both appear to be ignoring all my emails and Skype messages.

I’ve been working with Mobilecore for years now, so I’m not sure why they’ve decided to go this route.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issues as me?

I was told that all payments will be sent 15 days after the SDK shutdown.

its migrate to iron source dude

I just received my payment on July 23

Anyone still receiving ads from mobileCore? It said stop serving ads on August, but it seems it is still serving ads, and I assume there is no payment for that? So it turn into scam ads network now?

On their page they write Ads will be stopped on 1st September

They said they would send payment after shutdown on 31st July, now they will only shutdown on 1st September.
This is not the way to do business,
They should pay the remaining balance this month like they announced first time.

They had told me they will pay 15 days after shutdown, but they postponed shutdown to 1st September. I hope they still pay at 15th August or earlier.

If they really want people to migrate to supersonic, they cannot play with them this way. We already arent passionate about supersonic, we dont need more reasons to ignore them completely.