Has anybody tried Appodeal or Startapp?

I have a Android game which receives 15k ad impressions. So far I have tried chartboost and admob

chartboost 1$ ecpm
admob 0.7$ ecpm

appodeal claims high ecpm but I want to know your expirence before trying them.

Please share your avg ecpm from appodeal or Startapp

Hi, i tried startapp, airupush and admob, appodeal.
Startapp always get low earning with startapp but i like startapp because of their Splash Ads and return ads.
Airpush is good also in terms of ther smartwall ads, and 360 banner but their abstract banner is really suck. But over all Airpush makes good money to me :).
Admob all i can say is …i don’t like…
But appodeal! turn my airpush 1$ banner ads earning per day to 35$ a day plush their Video ads big eCPM ! So amazing i tried appodeal 16 days and their working good.

Try appodeal here>>NETWORK OPTIMIZER!

Can you tell me why dislike admob? I never used ad network except admob, can you tell me with one the best revenue startapp or airpush or appodeal ?

Its just because admob kick me out for no reason! not just ones but 3x. But i think admob banner is great also? :frowning:
here is recent appodeal earning an this is bigger that my startapp + airpush earning!

Hey faisalkhalid690
I highly recommend you to stay away from Appodeal. They are scams.
Check my report here http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/23846-appodeal-fraud-revealed-my-investigation.html

Thanks . appodeal advertised much higher ecpm and in above earning report he is getting only < 0.5$ , admob pays more than that :stuck_out_tongue:

My ECPM on admob is decreasing day by day. Whats your avg admob ecpm on android?

I’m using StartApp for few years now. It was the best network for me. But now, since 2 months it’s getting worse and worse. I was waiting for things to get better but eCPM with every single day is worse. Unfortunately in Startapp you can preview only last 3 months in the history. So, just to give you some numbers, I’m going to compare yesterday and last day which may be previewed in the dashboard today. I’ll mainly focus on USA because the drop in eCPM is very clear.

8th April (US only):
Impressions: 3451
eCPM: $2.49

6th July (US only):
Impressions: 3264
eCPM: $0.85

And this is just US. Other countries are even worse. Now I earn about 1/3 of what I did few months ago. So I’m looking for a new network.

Yes, StartApp is going down a lot lately :frowning:
Do you know any other Network with nice Splash Ad? (loading page and semi transparent background)

Unfortunately I don’t know, because I didn’t have enough time to review the market. I’ll do it next weekend. But maybe someone else can point some good network?

:o Has anybody tried Adxmi?

My source of traffics are not in US almost all in Asia (Philippines). And if you compare eCPM in US and Philippines base on appodeal weekly avarage eCPM US= $11.41 and Philippines= 0.84. I can say appodeal gives me more earnings compared before i only get 10-20$ a day. Anyway, that is base on my experience. Its better you must choose 2-3 network and try for couple of weeks to have comparison . Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve heard many many great things about Appodeal

I do suggest Appod eal, as I make a ecpm of about $3 for Interstitial ads. You should try it here

No ad networks work perfect for everyone. You need to test it yourself.

This Admob eCPM decrease issue is occurring for me too. The biggest drop was the 1st July on wards where there just seems to be a complete paradigm shift, not just a dip.


In appodeal dashboard it says " Important! Please link your Admob account now" is it necessary to get payment?

@couper, no, it’s not necessary to link your Admob account to get payments.

But Appodeal could make your much more money if you link Admob. However, Admob earnings will have to be processed directly by Admob.

Appodeal is probably the worst I have used only got like $2 ecpm

which are other networks working best for you with more than $2ecpm ?

Mobilecore is doing good for me this week’s ecpm was about $5