Has anybody been payed using Startapp?

Did anyone receive payment From startApp 30/12/2015 ?

Yes, if you haven’t then open a support ticket with them. They have great support.

I also got it. Maybe you had less than 50dollars?

I always got b4 end of month but from this year ecpm goes drastically down :frowning:

my earning is 170$ but still i havent got it…

Yes they pay me every month. But in last 2 months their eCPM drop.

I am getting $0.01 from 23 clicks and 210 impressions is it normal ? please help :frowning:

No it’s no normal. Starting with December month ther eCpm is very low. Yesterday I change Startapp with another network.

Yes their eCPM is too low… I used only admob for months and then learned some backfill stuffs and tried amazon as primary (not using now because of their very very low fill rate). After some research, i picked up startapp based on the reviews and other things considering the revenue paid. But on the contrary i got only $0.25 for 1857 impressions with 80clicks!! thats too damn low! If i had these stats in my admob, it would have fetched me about $5-10 for sure (the network that everyone say as a low paying one). Even when admob pays like this, i guess startapp surely should based on what they say and reviews. Is this only for me or is it the average eCPM kind of stuff value in startapp? Someone ?

PS: I have to agree that the number of clicks have got a lot higher. I hardly get 10-15 clicks per day per app in admob. Startapp says that it has got 80 clicks but revenue is for like 1click or even less!! :frowning:

StartApp pay per Installs, not per Click as AdMob.
If you don’t like the per Install model (I don’t too), switch to another network. (it’s not even about licking the model or not, but depending on what kind of App and Users you have there is a lot of difference using pay per click/install/view models)

Other than this, you really didn’t need to spam the same message all over the forum.

Ok. Can you state me some best impression based or click based model networks with pretty good fill rate (amazon was horrible)? I know no ad network is kind of best, each have their own pros and cons. But still, tell me some impression based and click based systems that are good and worth recommending. Thanks in advance