Has any one noticed new GP App suspension mechanism in place ?

Hello My fellow developers
Has any one noticed that Apps Suspension has become faster than before , specially for top rated keywords ?
For example game guides is now not allowed and some specific game related app was removed after publishing and before being available on the play store ,

So do you think GP has a new mechanism for filtering previously banned app titles or description ?

Yes, I had the same… Apps are banned faster and in larger amount… This is getting ridiculous…

Google is going in the right direction, trying to clean and get the store as lean as possible. I am pro every ban mechanism, after all, we all know what can be done and what can´t be done.

It just makes it easier for those with decent apps to compete against spam, so I am all for it :slight_smile:

Well they are banning some apps faster, yeah… like Flash Players, banned instantly, guides - banned very fast, youtube downloaders and such are also gone pretty quick

Since when are game guides not allowed?
My game guides are still up, have been for years, no sign of being pulled yet? and I use keywords like “guide for X game” “cheat app” etc.

But possible GTA V guides are not allowed.

Maybe it’s not all - but Flash Player, GTA Guides, Minecraft guides (probably) are banned very fast :open_mouth:

I can confirm that GTA , Minecraft , Candy Crush , Subway guides are banned instantly , even in different language
Seems that old apps are still there though

One of my apps got banned because it was playing Youtube videos. But my app didn’t had any youtube videos, it had videos that were hosted on my server. And I thought that I will be on the safe side saying in my description and disclaimer that the videos are hosted on Youtube))

So not sure what is going on but something interesting should come up :smiley:

did you update the app recently before suspension?

Nope, this was app had like 4+ months, without any new updates, without noticeable downloads, it was making <$10 per month)))

Anyways, it’s curios that they didn’t even checked the app to see if there are really any Youtube videos in it, they just assumed that the app plays videos from Youtube because of my description and disclaimer inside the app))

I have some problems with some apps… They are suspended very quickly because of “spam”. Exactly this is “REPETITIVE CONTENT”… Man, if Google want to delete all repetitive content - they should delete more than 50% from GP… Strange situation… That is good that they fight with spam apps, but they block new apps, because there is almost everything on GP, so every new app can be “REPETITIVE CONTENT”…

its all automated. the don’t have people to screen all the content. Just think about the way they are detecting your repetitive content. I am sure you are intelligent enough to find the issue about their automated system doing this to you.

@mmmkkksss maybe you could post examples of descriptions and titles of apps that were banned for repetitive content? That would help others avoid similar problem and we could point you out what caused this.

what I think is his apps got reported on reddit bad apps because market is full of duplicate apps and games and I keep on seeing duplicate apps being reported on reddit time and again. I really doubt if google has any such thing to detect duplicate code because it will make them mad to decide legitimate duplication (like code from stackoverflow taken by multiple developers)

Nope, there was no information about my apps in reddit threads. Where do you search for it? Maybe I will search again…
But these apps was not even 1 day on GP. So I doubt that someone will find it in few hours… I think it was automated process

I always have app to play Youtube vids, but it does not play inside my app. Just pass the vids to default youtube player.

This might be a solution, although it will lead to less users once they it’s just another Youtube app. But still it’s worth trying if it will avoid the ban :slight_smile: