Harlem shake song and Google play copyrights

Im developing an app which i’m using the harlem shake song as the background music. according to the wikipedia it has been released as a free digital download. but still im unclear whether i can use this for my app. will google remove the app if i used this as a background sound?

Depends on the license it was released under. Often media is released free to the end user… but that does not mean you can take it and include it into your own product and profit from it.


The makers of harlem shake song have already gone after a few people for profiting on it. And the makers of the original clips used in the song are now going after the makers of the harlem shake song. So lotsa people are getting sued.

You can’t use anything unless you have written consent or a license that allows for commercial usage such as Creative Commons (without NC) or GNU etc.

hmm. it seems i have to give up my idea :frowning: