Harder to upload app in google play after new google policy.

Is increasingly difficult to upload an app on google play.
The last 2 I tried a few hours after the application URL appeared, but after a few hours he disappeared.
So to avoid banned app I unpublished.

Anyone with the same problem?

I uploaded last night and till now not appeared yet…not sure what’s the problem? but the day before I uploaded one and it was immediately after 4 hours. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Hello Everyone.I a new here.
Thanks for sharing this information.It helps in future.

Same problem.Yesterday I published a new application but does not seems to now.

I just unpublished and republish again. Let’s see it works. Let me know if yours already show up.

If show up on store,i will write this forum.Now i wont touch and wait a couple of hours.

If you make putting on store, let me know.

Okie got it. I will let you know if it’s up after few hours.

The first app on new accounts will now be reviewed partially by Google.

They also seem to be doing checks against ‘suspicious’ new uploads too, causing long delays.
If they detect anything in violation in these checks your app will be suspended before its technically even live.

This is what I’ve gathered from my own recent experience and talking to many others.

You are right, new account and first app for this acc. more than 24 hours long delay is annoying.

Thanks for sharing…if they found something on the new uploads, will it affect other existing app? Looks like they pretty straight on this.

I don’t think they will bother going through existing apps if they find something in a new upload. Would take too much time and they seem to be more focused on only applying rules heavily to new and future apps, rather than seasoned ones (a lot of seasoned apps on Gplay haven’t been updated for a long time and maybe Google finds mercy on these a bit?).

I’ve uploaded yesterday and this morning with no problems

I’m having a problem with the app not showing in search results. If I search for them with the title in " ", I can see them and the ranking always seems good. I spoke with someone on chat yesterday from google, and they said nothing was wrong with the apps, but that my app titles are too generic and will need more information ( I guess from the description) to show up or for me to get more ratings and downloads. I think something is up here, but I cant figure it out yet. Seems weird to show the app with the title in quotes, and then nothing if you search for the title. How the hell are you suppose to get app that are “words” related, trivia apps, wallpaper apps.

I have a feeling that google moved from a search to result based store to a destination based store. Destination based would me …maybe you will use AdWords to advertise your app. They will host. Then as a payoff, if you get enough LIKES and DOWNLOADS, they will move you up in the rankings.

Where did you find this information ?

Here’s an article about it: Publish Your Free Android App to Google Play - Explanation AppsGeyser Blog

Yeh, I posted this article on a separate thread, but the article was written on January 24th, 2014, prior to the updated content policy.

I’ve read it elsewhere and I know a few people who’ve experienced this first app delay (several days before being live).

Its not linked to the content policy, but rather the larger picture of Google bringing the Google Play platform up to a higher level to deal with competition.

I’m waiting now more than 35 hours… I published app, but till now I can’t see it on GP…:confused:

mine almost 72 hours and still not updated.

Is this a previously banned app published on a account with published apps?
Or a fresh app, published on a fresh account?
Or a previously banned app published on a fresh account?