Hala Chat - Search Meet and Chat with new people around you

Hala is Real Time Messenger Application allow you to find People, Chat and Meet


Chat with people in public or private, create chat room, meet people and Enjoy with new friends…

Why Hala:

● Simple, no subscription fees and give you chance to meet new people.
● Free Chat: Completely free application. Hi do not charge any fees or subscription.
● Local People: Discover people? Hi shows you people near to your current location.
● Room Chat: Join group to chat with people all over the world!
● Global Chat: Open group to chat with people all over the world!
● Smileys: Many cute stickers enrich your chatting experience!

Hala is a realtime chat application, allow you to chat with others, search for people around you and exchange photos and videos.

Hala is a way to connect people nearby. Many singles are playing the free Hi app, send their photos and videos, chat with new friends around you, join group and club, dating and meeting locals, then find their loves!

Hala is the best way to connect and chat with interesting people around you.

You can live chat, send photos, participate in a voice or video chat session with anyone near you.

Join in on a public local conversation, post photos, and share your world with everyone nearby. It’s a new way to express yourself and make new friends. Hi lets you find out what’s going on and who’s near you anytime, anywhere.

Chat with lovely people and make new friends!

Everyone on the app is looking to meet new people. Some want a tennis partner.

I downloaded the application Zalo. Zalo have Chat room, chat room as a large chat group, here you can chat with numerous people who do not know. Chat rooms are divided into many areas, can according to hobby, lifestyle, trends …
Today, I Know Hala - allow you to find People, Chat and Meet. Hala also same as Zalo. I will download Hala.
Thank a lot.