Hacky Tap - The Hack Sack Android App for Amazon Kindle Fire [GAME]

Introducing Hacky Tap - The Android Game that test your concentration as well as your Hand Eye coordination.

Inspired by the Hacky Sack, Footbag game, Hacky Tap is super simple but don’t let the simple game play fool you as the challenge is awesome as you try to keep the Hacky Tap Sack from hitting the ground, battling to get the highest score possible.

The game of Hack Sack or Footbag is a extremely intense game against yourself as it you challenge your Hand Eye coordination, your reflexes and your concentration.

Now it is finally at your finger tips!

If your looking for a game that is less complex to understand but is still packed with hours of entertainment and fun then this is the app for you.

*Play against yourself
*Play against friends and family
*Play for bragging rights
*Improve Concentration
*Improve Hand Eye Coordination
*Improve Your Reflexes

Hacky Tap is Perfect for Parties and other gatherings as you have intense battles with friends and family to see who is Hacky Tap Champ!!!

You will be the life of the Party…

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