Guys what would you like to ask app users? Help as create A MMWA survey for 5k users!

Hey guys, through forum discussions, we realised that many developers, including me, would like to learn more about their app users, how they think, how they react when using mobile apps etc. Making assumptions is not always the best approach so we are trying to create a survey here in MMWA forum with questions submitted by developers that they would like to ask users.

This survey will be deployed live through Pollfish platform and distributed to 5,000 mobile app users to get direct insights to these questions. You will be also available to take part to the survey through an app. Results will be provided live real-time so everyone will be able to see users responding to these questions.

Please submit your own questions, since we can end up with good conclusions :slight_smile:

Survey so far (send your questions too!)

  1. How do you feel about ads used within apps?

a) Happy
b) Neutral
c) Frustrated

  1. Did you ever uninstall an app because of overuse of ads?

a) Yes
b) No

  1. What is the ad format you are more tolerant with:

a) Banner ads
b) Popup ads
c) Video ads
d) Surveys
e) Ads on exit of app

  1. Most preferable task you would complete to remove ads from your app:

a) Buying paid version
b) Downloading a free app
c) Watching a video clip
d) Answer a survey
e) Sharing link on a social network
f) I would never complete a task to remove ads

  1. Before you download an app you check:

a) Title
b) Description
c) Screenshots
d) App Icon
e) Ratings
f) Reviews
g) Permissions

  1. Do you think a developer deserves to get some money from ads for time spent to create an app?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Don’t care/ Don’t know

  1. if you have a crash in an app you:

a) Give bad rating/review
b) Contact the developer
c) Never use the app again
d) Just continue using the app

  1. If you like an app you usually:

a) Review
b) Rate
c) Recommend to a friend
d) None of the above

  1. If you like an app would you buy a pro version to remove ads?

a) Yes
b) No

  1. How many full screen ads should be considered too much for you?

a) 1
b) 2-3
c) >3
d) none

  1. If at any time you give a bad review to an app for any reason and developer answers trying to help or fix issue you :

a) Go back to correct rating
b) Comment back to the developer to discuss
c) Just ignore him

We can deliver this survey in any language according to user phone language if any developer here offer a translation of the survey when we finalize it.

         @BaksaiApps is already in for Spanish translation
        @hanfoosh offered to make the arabic version!

[b]Guys! I am thrilled :slight_smile:

Survey english version is live and the results are awesome!! Just follow the link. You can see results coming in real time from users!


Spanish (credit to @BaksaiApps) - target locale es

Arabic (credit to @hanfoosh) - target locale ar

Malay (credit to @WNASH )- target locale my

You can answer the survey yourself by any Pollfish enabled app. If you do not know any app just answer from this app:

If any dev here wants to list his Pollfish enabled app, please feel free. When you answer the survey just watch the results submitted from your phone on the results screen :)[/b]

I think I can answer these questions for the 5,000 users you are going to survey, the outcome will be something like this:

How do you feel about ads used within apps?


Did you ever uninstall an app because of overuse of ads?


What is the ad format you are more tolerant with:


Do you mind completing ad tasks (like watching a video) for gaining in app goodies or total removal of ads for a while?

Most preferable task you would complete to remove ads:

“I would never complete a task to remove ads”

Do you ever read app description before downloading?

“No, i look at star ratings”

Do you think a developer deserves to get some money from ads for time spent to create an app?

“Yes, but I dont wana see ads”

if you have a crash in an app do you usually give a bad rating/review or contact the developer?

“I never use the app again”

If you like an app do you usually rate/review it?


If you like an app would you buy a pro version to remove ads?


followed by these remarks:

“I hate ads, your app sucks”
“I am not going to pay for your app”

Disclaimer: I’ve been in app business since 2008 :wink: nothing changed since then

I can’t think of anything to add to the survey. Seems to cover the subject matter very well :slight_smile:

Hey @toxic well i may say that what you mentioned are the obvious results but if we do not ask we will never know for sure :slight_smile:

I have been developing apps since 2007 in several enviroments J2ME, Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. My experience says that users of each platform have a different behaviour and mentality. What is accepted or not by them also change not in a drastic obvious way but it evolves through the years. Just my 2 cents in the story.

no, you are right :slight_smile: I am not arguing. iOS tends to pay a little more because users of iphones are more “affluent” I guess. for jwme, windows and other stuff you will be lucky to find 5000 users to survey, hahahahah!

I would personally love to know the answer to this questions though

Most preferable task you would complete to remove ads:

a) Buying paid version
b) Downloading a free app
c) Watching a video clip
d) Answer a survey
e) Sharing link on a social network
f) I would never complete a task to remove ads

@toxic hehe the survey will be drlivered in 5k android users :slight_smile: results will be available live for everyone to check real time once started distributing the surveys!

@andreasv Just wanted to say Thank You for the input you’re bringing to this forum. A very nice gesture in trying to help the developers figuring out what is the best option to go nowadays. Although the results won’t represent the exact real-life situation(because of the very high number of Android users), it will still mean something for all of us :slight_smile:

Good luck with the survey and to your network, will stay tuned for the results.

Why 1 star why the ****?

just now I got one review:
“This app is not working on my karbonn A7* . It says not compatible with ur device”

and gave 1 star. What the … I can do, if the user has a shitty phone?!

Seems like I will do as @toxic says, bomb them with ads, no matter what they say…

@Javanshir keep calm and monetize better :slight_smile: may i ask, as a developer do you usually reply to reviews or do you just leave it? Bad reviews used to drive me crazy in the early days. I was even stalking to find who was tha person that wrote something bad and ask why. After google allowed responses and also connect with google profiles life became more awkward. Now you can find and talk to that person more easily :pThen you just have to realize that you should not expect people to appreciate anything just ignore those that just want to say something bad because they will do anyway!!

Crappy phones like those should be smashed, ground to powder and burned. I f*ckin hate those karbonn, micromax etc phones. Most of them users are perfect examples of morons and are the ones that leave bad reviews. If only I could put my fist through screen and punch those idiots in the face. /rant

I do reply mostly, but the problem is, I have never seen them writing to me to solve the problem. For ex, when I write contact me via email … and we will solve your problem, they never do.
I also have a review, telling “average” and giving 1 star ) for example him I replied: “Who was your mathematics teacher?” :smiley: )

And the problem is, you write code to handle it, you notify the user, that it is not compatible with your shitty phone, they still give a bad review…

I just read “Reader’s Digest” and following are my observations:

  1. Starting from the back of cover page, continuous 6 pages had ads of shampoo, bank, airlines and still I wanted to go ahead to the editorial which on the 7th page.
  2. After a well written editorial (can recall it word by word), 3 more pages having ads
  3. Then last month reader’s letters followed by 2 pages of ads
  4. An ad after every 5 pages.
  5. Towards the end (last 10 pages), an ad for adult product for keeping you go long enough and have pleasure with your partner etc.
  6. Out of last 5 pages, 1 contained some recipe followed by 2 page ads. Then 1 photographer’s weird photo followed by ending with 2 ad pages.
  7. The back side of magazine is an ad.

After getting bombarded by ads from a well established magazine I still kept on reading because the content is great and has been recognized by experts and general public so many times.

I have to admit that the graphics of ads are really good and not like crappy admob interstitial.

On a lighter note, I even buy this advertisement loaded magazine from my android earnings :smiley:

Apologies for any typo

hey @Javanshir. Well from my personal experience I would say that if someone sends a bad review for an app for any reason, even if you answer offering to help or solving the problem he will never come back to fix the rating or review!

This leads to a new question:

If at any time you give a bad review to an app for any reason and developer answers trying to help or fix issue:

a) You will go back to correct rating
b) You will comment back to the developer to discuss
c) You will just ignore him

Will that be a good question too?

Yes, that’s why actually there is no point to write them. I don’t remember when last time they contacted me to solve the problem. The best here would be to ask the people who use the app daily to give a good review, and in that way to keep a good overall review.

The question is good, despite the fact that we know the answer to this, it will awake some users, that they should contact the developers in that case.

But, anyway, in my case, I mostly get bad reviews, because users don’t read the app description. They look at the app name, and download it, which may or may not answer to their expectations…

I I actually have different experience. I respond to many reviews and alot email email me and those change their comment. But I have to tell them :slight_smile:
This is much more probable for paid apps

Hey guys thank you all for you suggestions, messages and contribution to this survey. I think it has a good format now. If you do not have anything else to suggest, we will proceed with translations and put it live and start getting results from users :slight_smile:

@BaksaiApps @hanfoosh are you still interested in making relevant translations or shall we deploy only english?


Here you go, the arabic translation of the survey. It will be good to know how many arabic/spanish/english users answers

١) ما هو شعورك بالنسبه للإعلانات ؟
أ) سعيد

٢) هل حذفت أي تطبيق بسبب الإعلانات ؟
أ) نعم

٣) ما هو نوع الإعلان الأنسب لك ؟
أ) شريط إعلاني
ب)صفحة إعلانية
ج)فيديو إعلاني
د)إستفتاء (أخذ آراء )
ه) إعلانات عند الخروج من التطبيق

٤) ما هو العمل القادر الذي مستعد أن تقوم به مقابل التخلص من الإعلانات ؟
أ) شراء التطبيق
ب)إنزال تطبيق مجاني آخر
ج)مشاهدة فيديو إعلاني
د) الإجابة على إستفتاء (أخذ آراء )
ه) نشر رابط على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي
و) لن أعمل أي شيء للتخلص من الإعلانات

٥) قبل إنزال التطبيق ، ما هو الشيء الذي تتفحصه ؟
أ) العنوان التطبيق
ب) شرح التطبيق
ج)صور التطبيق
د) أيقون التطبيق
ه) تقييم التطبيق
و) تعاليق المستخدمين
ز)الإذن بإستعمال الميزات الموجودة على الموبايل لتشغيل التطبيق

٦) هل تعتقد أن المبرمج يستحق أن يحصل على مبلغ نقدي عن طريق الإعلانات مقابل جهده في عمل التطبيق ؟
أ) نعم
ب) لا
ج) لا أبالي / لا أعرف

٧) إذا حدثت مشكله أثناء تشغيل التطبيق ، ماذا تفعل ؟
أ) أعطي تقييم /تعليق سيئ
ب) أتواصل مع المبرمج
ج) لا استعمل التطبيق مرة ثانية
د) سأكمل إستعمال التطبيق وفقط

٨) إذا أحببت التطبيق ، ماذا تفعل ؟
أ) تكتب تعليق
ب) تقييم
ج) أخبر صديق
د) لا شيء

٩) إذا أحببت التطبيق فهل أنت مستعد لشراء التطبيق الكامل بدون الإعلانات ؟
أ) نعم
ب) لا

١٠) ما هو عدد الإعلانات (من نوع الصفحة الكاملة ) الذي يعتبر كثير بالنسبه لك ؟
أ) 1
ب) 2-3
ج)أكثر من 3
د) لا يوجد

١١) إذا اعطيت تقييم أو تعليق سيئ لأي تطبيق و لاحظت أنا المبرمج أجابك بغرض المساعدة أو صلح المشكله، فهل
أ) تعود لتغيير التقييم
ب) تجيب المبرمج (للنقاش)
ج)لا تبالي (إهمال المبرمج )

My part of the deal :wink:

  1. ¿Cómo te sientes en relación a la publicidad dentro de las aplicaciones?

a) Contento
b) Neutral
c) Frustrado

  1. ¿Has desinstalado alguna vez una aplicación debido al exceso de publicidad en ella?

a) Si
b) No

  1. ¿Qué formato de publicidad toleras más?

a) Banner publicitario
b) Publicidad emergente
c) Video publicitario
d) Encuestas
e) Publicidad al salir de la aplicación

  1. ¿Cuál es la actividad que estás más dispuesto a realizar para eliminar la publicidad?

a) Comprar versión pagada
b) Descargar otra aplicación
c) Ver un video
d) Responder una encuesta
e) Compartir un enlace en redes sociales
f) Nunca realizaría una tarea para eliminar la publicidad

  1. Antes de descargar una aplicación te fijas en:

a) Título
b) Descripción
c) Imágenes
d) Ícono
e) Ratings
f) Comentarios
g) Permisos

  1. ¿Crees que el desarrollador debe ganar dinero por el tiempo que invirtió en desarrollar la aplicación?

a) Si
b) No
c) No sé /No me interesa

  1. Cuando una aplicación falla tú:

a) Das un mal rating/comentario
b) Contactas al desarrollador
c) Nunca usas la aplicación de nuevo
d) Continúas utilizando la aplicación

  1. Si te gusta la aplicación usualmente tú:

a) Dejas un comentario
b) Pones un rating
c) La recomiendas a un amigo
d) Ninguna de las anteriores

  1. ¿Si te gusta una aplicación pagarías por una versión sin publicidad?

a) Yes
b) No

  1. ¿Cuántas publicidades a pantalla completa considerarías mucho?

a) 1
b) 2-3
c) >3
d) ninguna

  1. Si escribes un review negativo en una aplicación y el desarrollador te contacta para solucionar o intentar solucionar el problema tu:

a) Corriges luego el review
b) Comentas nuevamente para discutir sobre el tema
c) Ignoras al desarrollador

@BaksaiApps @hanfoosh that’s great thanks!

One more think, can you also provide me the translations of

  1. What is your gender?

a) Male
b) Female

  1. What is your age?

a) <14
b) 14-17
c) 18-24
d) 25-34
e) 35-44
f) 45-54
g) >54

When I have these, I think I will deploy the surveys in the different languages in different links in order to check also the differences in behaviour and maybe later merge them in one unified.

I will post the link to the survey when everything is set up, along with some apps that already have Pollfish so you can see live the surveys on your device and even answer! :slight_smile: