Guaranteed minimum $2.5 ecpm: Private Network [Invite Only]

With the new year it’s time to dust-off all those networks offering the ‘same old stuff’. In these tough times where the only things guaranteed are death and taxes, this new Private network is a breathe of fresh-air:)

This private network is very simple:

(i) PM me if interested
(ii) Guaranteed minimum $2.50 ecpm {sorry, we’d like to offer higher, but remember this is a GUARANTEE…we are aiming to get this number higher with time}
(iii) We pay weekly if you hit $25
(iv) Very simple sdk
(v) No Adult apps, or gambling apps
(vii) ABSOLUTELY NO ‘OUT-OF-APP’ ads (no icons, shortcuts and all that mess)
(ix) Invite-only: If we see you start abusing these privileges we will kick you out of the network IMMEDIATELY
(x) You can use with your other ad networks, and use this as an added bonus for guaranteed income

PM me if interested. Thank you.

Great level of interest so far. Keep the PMs coming. Thank you.

Why? Why waste your time with developers at all?

I recently launched my own ad network, similar to airpush, but will I go find other developers? Hell no

Why are you wasting your time with a bunch of developers who have nothing more then junky apps to begin with? You say quality but having 50,000 wall paper apps isn’t quality.

Just go look @ airpushes advertiser page on their home page, they have a internal account with 500k account balance running campaigns themselfs, why? Because it’s stupid profitable

Just my 2 cents,

that really awesome dude , i really sicked from madness of ad network , and i really want to do like this , can u give me some tips o do this and i will be very gratefull

making your own ad network isn’t easy man,

Sounds great, but from which source you have ads, ad campaigns, adverstisers?

Run it all yourself

As I understand, you are adverstising own apps in your apps. If you don’t have any adverstisers, so who is paying to you for showing ads? If you have own cross-promote ad network your apps must have in-app billing or there is no way to monetize this - without revemue from ads.

Cross promoting is a means to get users without having to invest $$ for installs