Guaranteed double eCPM! Mobvista SDK V.2.1.0 is now available!

Attention Mobvista Publishers!

The latest version of Android SDK , version 2.1.0, is now available on your dashboard!

Ineractive Ads, Floating Icon, Expandable Interstitial, 3D Appwall etc.

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Mobvista-Monetize your traffic with eCPM $10+!

I am using your sdk version 2 and getting 0.7-1.2 ecpm for full screen + banner ads which is not good. Will try the new sdk and if it didn’t give $5+ ecpm I will leave mobvista

Interested to know which ad network give you $5+ ecpm.

Ineractive Ad is not working at all. Even the demo don’t show the ad. what’s going on with mobvista?

double eCPM? compared to what? I hate when ad networks promise you some bs, you take the time to integrate then the results are garbage.