Guaranteed $25 for first 100 installs with StartApp. $1000 in one week report.

Hello everyone,

There is a promotion going on right now with StartApp that you get $25 for the first 100 installs if someone refers you to their service. In order to apply this special offer you can follow any referral link. I have seen developers earning $1000 in one week for this service and it is showing good early results for me as well (no major uninstalls), so I will continue using it and see the results.
Good luck everyone with your games and apps!

I’m a huge fan of Start app also myself. I’ve noticed that the majority of my installs come from outside the united states too - I average about at .014 cents an installs (over the last 50k installs). I’m doing ~$50/day with them at the moment…hope to be your level soon!

and also there is a startapp referral program, that’s what this guy trying to do!

Hello to all my new.friends good to hear that you guys have gotted great commands on startapp…heads of…:slight_smile:

How is the Startapp (Home Screen Icon/ Bookmark-Home-Page in browser changes) faring vs. the new Google banning of apps etc. ?