Growing Flowers with LED Lights


I have an indoor cat who loves to knock planters off windowsills (her current kill count is 3). To try and solve this problem, I’m looking to try and grow flowers indoors using LED lights to replace sunlight so I can place planters on spots out of reach of kitties.

Most of the research I’ve found on the internet doesn’t really break down what I need to look for in grow lights, or at least not in a way I understand (or it’s directed at marijuana growers…which I’m definitely not). What I’ve managed to grasp is: leds are the most energy efficient, can give more usable light but less heat to potentially burn the plant, and they offer more customization for what you might need.

So far, I’ve found some full spectrum 100w LED bulbs that I could use in an adjustable desk lamp; however, I don’t know if they’re the best option or if I’m going to be wasting my money on separate bulbs and a lamp when I could get a grow light instead. Does anyone have any experience growing flowers using LEDs? If so, what do I need to look for or are there any brands/products I can trust?

I’m planning on trying to grow a dwarf canna lily, begonia, or ranunculus in a container, if that helps at all. Thank you for any help you give me!

Look, I have experience growing plants with LED lights, instead of sunlight. It took me a long time to select the right light, because many of the lamps were simply not bright enough, or their size and light range were extremely small, which made the conditions for growing plants extremely uncomfortable. At the moment I’m using explosion proof lighting paint booths as I have a fairly large room with plants and this lighting is the best I’ve found in years. They are both wide and bright, you can buy a few of these and there will be enough light for a whole huge room.

Don’t compare the natural process with Artificial one, You will regret saying that " You have wasted your money".

Agree with you guys!
Growing plants using LED lights are a more beneficial and ideal process.

If this helps you then OK but Natural side is better as 100w LED will produce Carbon emission. If natural substitutes are available then why choose other process.

if this is helpful to you then it is good…but I think natural light is better way.