Great test case - some SDK & interstitial stats

I wanted to share an interesting case study from our system.
We had a new developer join appnext and implement our new interstitial, with it’s ‘send by email’ function. This developer has 2 android apps, with 50% percent traffic coming from the US. The rest of the 50% is generated from many countries such as Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Chile, etc… (Tier 1+2+3). Here are the results:

Results are very good, to say the least. eCPMs are high, and most of all - the developer is happy, because we pay him the moment he passes $2,500 (he doesn’t have to wait till the end of the month).
Of course, this test case does not mean that all our developers are seeing these results. Most of them are seeing lower eCPMs, and I certainly can’t guarantee these results. But the fact is, our new SDK has seriously increased revenues across the board.

This specific outcome is attributed to 2 main elements in my opinion:

  1. Location, location, location - the developer shows our ads during the launch of the app. This generates very high engagement. This location doesn’t work for everyone, but is strongly recommended for those that do.
  2. Our interstitial - Our ‘send by email’ function is proving to be an amazing edition to the interstitial, increasing the eCPM dramatically.

Happy to share this with you. Your comments are appriciated, especially regarding the location (not too many discussions about the location recently, yet it is so important).
As for our SDK - There’s a big promotion coming up soon, I hope it will get you on board to at least try us.

Great numbers. Can you explain a few things?

  1. I dont understand why there is such a drop from 31st dec to 1st jan…

  2. How much revenue is generated by USA traffic itself meaning that its 50/50 on impressions, but how much did USA impressions generate? 60%, 70% or more of the whole revenue?

  3. Can you explain in detail how this “send by email” feature works like?


  1. There is a big drop. The developer had to remove one of his apps due to issues that are not connected to us (or advertising). That’s the reason for the drop. Just to remind anyone’s who’s reading this, cause it became such an important issue lately - appnext is 100% Google complient.
  2. US traffic made about 70%-75% of the revenue.
  3. The send by email function is very simple - it’s just another option to engage with the ad, but later. User doesn’t have to fill out his email - it’s already there.
    See example attachd.

Let me know if you hve any more questions - discussion is good for everyone.

Oh, i dont know appnext can gen lot of money like your apps. I will try for next my apps. Hope you can support belong us as well as startapp. I really like startapp supporer, very quick and satify.

Can i intergrate your sdk network with some app which has adult content (ofcourse, they live on Google Play).?

what about payment for the send by email button, do you pay when the user open his email and download the game or when he click the send by email button?

Didn’t quite understand…of course, appnext can co-exist with other networks (if that was the question). And we have support for any problems.

Hi badguy,

Yes, we work with all Google Play apps. Adult is fine by us.

what about my question!!

We pay when the user installs the app. The ‘send by email’ function makes sure you are maximiNg user engagement with that ad.

@eyadse93 of course you get paid for every install the user makes through the email. That’s why we added the feature, so more users will install apps and ecpms will be higher.