Graduation Project Ideas

hi guys
i was looking for a new idea for Graduation project for Communication and electronics engineering field i was thinking with my friends about smart home automation but it seems very common these days unless we add something new to it. one of my friends suggests that we create a helmet for people who can’t speak so that helmet should able to translate the brain signals when the person tries to say something and Displays that on Android phone.
any ideas are welcomed it can be anything related to android,hardware and communications

Take it from a professional engineer… go the home automation route if you want to be easily employable.

IF… and it is a HUGE IF you could pull off mind-reading… you would be VERY employable.

I trust you know the difference between the two types.

If you’re looking for lots of ideas to get you started, google ‘app ideas’ or you can have a look at my website (check out my profile for the url).