GPLAY - New Dev Account, OLD Admob

my dev account was banned last year.
but my admob still ok till now (although i have many blocked items).
now i have new dev account and use new ip through vpn.

now i would like to use my (old) admob again with new account.

yes i know everyone said that dont use old admob from banned dev.
but its all just assumption, no body confirms the theory that google will link old and new dev account through admob id, just like when everyone said if your dev account banned, your admob will be banned also since it is google’s too. i found out that theory is false first hand.


From what I have seen on this forum, I have always read that GP and AdMob accounts aren’t linked/banned together at all.
But I have no direct experience and this is only what I have happened to read on the forum (I may have missed all other threads stating the opposite)

Did you link your old apps to your old admob account? If it is so, then it fetched your app’s icon and also their bundle id and showing you their icon in your console. Then you are under risk. If you still want to use your old admob account, you do not link your new apps to admob console. Then you are free to use ads Id to generate revenue. Why did Google ban your account last year ?

How many ad units were disabled on your admob?

most of the “how to” suggest to stay away from old admob accounts when making new dev account. afraid it would be linked. what i want to know has anyone use old admob in new dev account. simple as that.

yeah most of the dead apps from banned dev account use admob. but im will to have new apps with new ads unit. and i still want to use old admob account (starting a new one is a hassle).

im not following your “do not link new app to admob console”, my understanding is the old app carries the old ads unit, so google must’ve known that app was banned. so if i use it in new app, wouldn’t it be link to old dev account? if i use new admob unit, then it will be clean right?

10 or so. i have around 20 apps.

I use old admob with new gp without problems. So far for 4 months.
Moreover, in my current admob more than 20 ads ids have been suspended and it is stil alive.
In my brother’s admob, more than 60 apps ids suspended, it is still ok

Hope it answers your worries

you can use appodeal integrate with admob, old app banned app no problem

Thanks Anteos for the confirmation. its great to use admob again.

admob through appodeal or the other way around? i dont see appodeal sdk support admob.

Every banned app leaves some negative impact on your admob good standing. And every strikes accumulated in their system. When you increase your profit over some time. Some account manager manually reviews your account and boom! Your account terminated due to invalid activity. I know it is hassle but if you earn some 2000 dollars per month. It is worth going on clean and good standing admob. However it is up to you.