GPlay - More from developer / Developer apps - changed order


Looks like Google has many christmas gifts for developers - first those forced ratings, now something new.

Today i noticed new order of apps on developer page ( ) or “More from developer” on app page.

Previously apps were sorted by downloads. So users could see your most popular / best apps first. Now order is very strange, even maybe random.

New Google Play feature or some temporary bug?

that seems totally random now.

older first maybe?? at least in my case, but only got 3 apps

WTF. This is a horrible change. :frowning: Completely random, but put my popular games and paid games at the end of the list. :frowning:

Exactly. It’s not a problem for developers who have couple of apps, but it may hurt crosspromotion when someone has many apps.

I really hope it’s a bug which will be solved - as order seems completely random.