GP downloads are localized. Why?

I generally develop my apps in English, although I am Italian, then translate them automatically in dozens of languages, using Italian as a benchmark for translation goodness, both inside and on Google Play.
So my apps are distributed generally with 20-25 internal languages and described with 30+ languages on Google Play description.

My apps are completely non-regional: I mean, there is no reference to Italy or other countries inside the code, and what they do is not linked to localized services: for example my latest app is a collection of optical illusions.

Nevertheless, when I analyze the downloads I see that Italy is in the first place, both for downloads, both for AdMob revenue.

Why? I suppose that all this means that Google Play gives a higher score in searches by Italian users, this means to me that I am not distributing the apps at full potential.
Can some one explain me what I am missing to fully distribute my app allover the world? How does Google even understand that I am Italian?
Is there some one here that has the same problem?


I think this Google gives higher search ranks for regional searches for example if there another app just like yours but it was uploaded in English and the original description is in English it will out rank you in the search by English , while you out rank him in the same search terms in Italy

This is just my assumption , nothing that I am sure about

Well but my apps are uploaded in English as primary language… Also the first description in the store is written in english…

You probably would have much less downloads if it was only in english. Those Italian downloads are a bonus over what only-english app would get.

This is very true, of course, but why italian is so high, while other languages are lower? Italy is not a big market, compared with others…
Strange isn’t it?

Maybe because your Italian description is translated better than all your other translations. If you translated the Italian description and app perfectly, but used google translate for the rest, then I could see this affecting downloads. You say you speak english also, so your english translation is probably pretty good also, but most apps english descriptions are pretty good, where I imagine most apps with Italian translations are not so good. So I could see this would give you more advantage in the Italian market.

It has nothing to do, from what country you are. Italians have other interests that russians or netherland people.

e.g. I am german but my Dubstep app is very popular in USA and Russia, my Hardcore app only succeeds in Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland as these are the top 3 countrys of hardcore music

This is interesting. It could be an interest thing for Italians even though you don’t think it is. I really don’t know if GP or their translate service can differentiate which are good and bad translated descriptions too much. Why? Because Google Translate isn’t that great, so I doubt they have a sorting algorithm for ranking due to description quality.

Yes Dan, but XdebugX 's hint is interesting.
Maybe Google is not good enough to understand the quality of the translation, but users are, so they may dislike a bad translated app.
Or even they could search for different or better described terms.
It is interesting.

Anyway as for alecman, I have too a lot of oscillations in countries. Some apps are very popular in Arabia, I really can’t imagine why, others in Chile… funny, maybe some strange dynamics arise. But it’s a fact that overall Italy is always in top places.

Yes, google play doesn’t care, but the users can definitely tell a difference.