Got payment for Admob yet?

This will be my first ever payment from Admob, its 14-11-2013 but I haven’t received any payment till now… I’ve been waiting patiently since 5th of this month when I got “Payment for $***** by Paypal on 2013-11-05, complete” message in admob account.

I wonder how much time more will I have to wait to get it.

Anyone from India received it yet?

Any one received it yet?

hold on 7-10 days.

For me it usually arrives at 15th of each month.

When did you received it for the first time?

and which country are you from?

Germany, first time I received money was mid october for august money.

so who else is fed up and tired of logging in paypal and checking it again and again whether you have received the money or not?

No need to do that, paypal will email us when we receive payment :slight_smile:

Just received mine.

Same here :wink:

old admob or new one?

New one still hasn’t hit my bank account…

Its old one.

Hurray!! Got my first ever Admob payment!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Happy!

WTF i got my admob payment a moment ago, i receive the email payment twice and then i login to my paypal account and got 2 times payment from admob into my paypal account with the same amount. It’s double earning!! HURRAY!! they make a mistake, but could they take it back??? i wonder…
anyone experience the same? what should i do guy? just withdraw it as quick as possible :smiley: or be the kind guy and send email too admob and tell them that they pay me twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Just run away with that money lol!! Good to see Google being robbed hhahaahah :stuck_out_tongue: Do the good deed and make all the Android Developers proud !

So the Karma is getting Google finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnally! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and get banned on Paypal (when admob cancells the payment and there is no money on your paypal account) and admob and instead of earning 10-20x more in admob in the future just drop everything and run screaming like mad. Great advice. :wink:

Has anyone received the wire payment?

Today,i get money in my paypal which admob sent me on 05 November 2013

I got mine too.