Googles translations of "short descriptions" for apps

I checked how accurate Googles translations are for 31 of my company’s apps. The results are that 68% of the translations were satisfying. The short descriptions on on Google Play were originally written in English and then translated by Google to my native language Swedish. The result were better than expected especially when considered that they have be less than 80 character.


I’ve seen that for Spanish language, Portuguese and German, (sometimes Russian) the google translation service is not at all accurate… for example, literal translation for english to spanish for Slot MAchines is Ranuras… but this makes no sense. In spain those are known as tragaperras… and in latin american countries as tragamonedas. The best thing is to make a translation thru a native speaker, cause the “slang” or local ways to make reference to games or apps, are helpful to use as keywords.