Google's new ads policy

I think even after 30 days limit they will not have automatic check… they will just ban/warn Apps during their random checks. (as they do now in most cases anyway)
So I doubt updating an App now even with Exit Interstitial will be useful as proof.

I think we just must wait for ad networks what they will say about changes in policy. I think Jonathan or someone will tell us what we should do right now , they have better contact with google than us.
Maybe exit ads are still allowed, when I check google examples of not allowed ads , when user click on home button not on back pressed …

Yes, if some Ad Network representative posted something would be nice (even if I am not so sure how much in contact they are with Google…)

“Ads associated with your app must not interfere with other apps, ads, or the operation of the device, including system or device buttons and ports”
In the example they only mention Home Button, but looks like back button isn’t good too. (be it a physical device button or a system bar button)

I don’t understand one thing tho, do we need to show that useless dialog that no one will read and force users to either accept or decline data collecting or not? I am talking about data such as installed apps and other things that ad networks collect in order to show more relevant ads.
Other than that, everything seems fine. Not as big deal as you people made it. Showing Ads when user wants to exit app was always bad idea, showing ads on Home Button well that’s even worse. Showing ads outside of your app was forbidden long ago. Other than that I don’t see many changes.
Way to show inadvertent clicks? Show spinner when you start loading ad or before you show it and voila.

Actually you can’t show ads that lead to some external link when user clicks on a button. That is confusing read better the text bellow. In example when user clicks on ? button app leads them to some external website to show an Ad. I don’t see why would you think that is allowed

If there are 3 Activities. A, B, C. If the user is coming from Activity C to Activity B by clicking back button. Can we show an Ad at that time ?

Once the user closes the Ad then it will navigate to the Activity B.

No but you can show it on Activity B onCreate method with loader to tell user that an ad will show to prevent inadvertent clicks

I don’t think at all that was ever allowed nor it should be.
But their example is pretty limited, while their general description “Ads must not simulate or impersonate the user interface of any app” doesn’t make any distinction if the Ad is an external website or an Interstitial Ad inside the App.
Of course I hope we can still show an Interstitial when user click a UI button of the App and then proceed to next screen/activity when it’s dismissed.

As you said earlier most of the things clarified once ad network representatives talk about it …lets wait for that…

I don’t think we need to do that, but just include a privacy policy in app description page only.

Is there any Privacy Policy generators where i can Generate ? Now i need to include the privacy policy link to my apps :frowning:

Well you could hire a lawyer to do this or you could just copy someones policy and modify it to your needs, or write in a few lines: This app collects data such as installed apps bla bla to provide you more relevant ads, to use this app you have to agree
Either way it’s no good as there will be a lot of negative reviews from d̶u̶m̶b̶, paranoid users. Or ad networks will provide them or implement as part of their SDK

Even i am doing the same. Any clarifications on this?

It seems like we have to show a dialog to the user to accept the privacy policy terms to continue using the app :o . Lot’s of users will go back :frowning:

Hey can someone PM me the mail of Developer Console Policy Changes . . or Can I find it on their website ?

Here are some examples of common violations:

An app that collects and transmits the user’s inventory of installed apps without adequate disclosure and consent.

Which Ad Networks collect and transmits the user’s list of installed Apps? Any idea?

I didn’t even read this policy at all. :slight_smile:
I have an app with exiting interstitial ad, I updated it today without removing exiting ads and they approved it.
and a second one which I just added exiting ads to it today and updated it and they approved it too.
Does this mean anything?

I think it’s OK but lets wait and see for some ad network representatives to talk about it …We have time till end of this month though…

You just need to include privacy policy link to your app console. And that’s it :slight_smile: no need EULA in app. And as for the ads. Keep tune the last improvements in admop policy. If they say no bachpress button . then it also not good for Google. There are plenty of pictures and animation that show you how you can implement their interstitial ads between activities and so on. From now on. If you use third party ads you must change your ads implementation according to admop policy. So no back press, no wrong way to show ads. That’s that :slight_smile:

And you have 30 days to remove wrong implementation.