Google Wallet cancellations?

Hey guys, sorry for being so inactive these months… After some thoughts+changes about marketing strategies I finally make some money with my paid apps, but I now have the problem, that around 70% of all orders get cancelled by google due credit card rejection.

As I noticed, some people can buy everywhere (e.g. amazon) but Google won’t work for them.

Is there a way to adjust the “risk check level treshold”?

I’d rather have 10 “real” sales with 3 people not being able to pay than just 3 sales because 10 guys have been canceled, even they would have paid

I have a similar problem with upgrades to Micro CPU Monitor PRO. Not sure of the exact percentages, but a significant portion of sales are cancelled by Google for this reason.

As far as I know, there is no way to adjust any setting here to improve things. But it would be interesting to know - does anyone have this problem with in-app purchases?

90% of my IAP sales above $50 get cancelled.

For me it´s about 80% of all sales get cancelled. Hate to see that dar X symbol.

I have the range of around 30% , nothing can be done until google gets all the payment methods inside them.

Ok I now set higher prices and it somehow solved the issue… no more person who is not able to buy does even try to get my app now + I earn more per day.

Does it still fetch you similar number of downloads(i mean only those users whose payment is accepted)

In the beginning, it did, and it was great ( I even got more DL’s, maybe because people thought, it has higher quality ) but now, it’s like stuck .___.
I wait another week and then maybe change it to the middle of both prices.

Have you tried it as well?

I’ve kept it at 2 since the beginning and the downloads have been the same since day 1 , thought i put it at 2.5-3$ but i’ll do that once i have a few more apps so the total revenue doesnt get disturbed much…