Google USB Driver won't download

Trying to download the Google USB Driver ( and every time i click in the spot it says to download the zip folder, nothing pops up. When i drag the link to a new window, it’s the exact same page. Really want download this, any help???

meet same thing, why?

First you’d want to make sure you device is in ‘debug mode’ or ‘usb debugging’ - set through development settings in your phone’s ‘system settings’

then run adb devices from your adt-bundle folder/platform-tools to see if it got your device.

Edit: if it doesn’t work try, from your ‘drivers’ tab- Update Driver -> Browse for driver software on my computer -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer -> Have Disk -> Navigate to your usb_driver folder

Notice the extra step near the end, you don’t submit the folder in the “Browse for driver software on my computer” tab

Thank you!

To begin with you’d need to ensure you gadget is in ‘investigate mode’ or ‘usb troubleshooting’ - set through improvement settings in your telephone’s ‘framework settings’

at that point run adb gadgets from your adt-package organizer/stage devices to check whether it got your gadget.

Alter: in the event that it doesn’t work attempt, from your “drivers” tab-Update Driver - > Browse for driver programming on my PC - > Let me pick from a rundown of gadget drivers from my PC - > Have Disk - > Navigate to your usb_driver organizer

See the additional progression close to the end, you don’t present the organizer in the “Peruse for driver programming on my PC” tab

How to Install USB Driver for Android [Easy Step by Step Guide] .Follow this link, for download the USB driver.