Google targeting NON-updated apps not yet using Advertising ID!?

It was my understanding that Google would only enforce the Advertising ID policy on new and newly updated apps from August, but it looks like they might be targeting all apps now.

I’ve already updated a few apps to comply with Advertising ID as I release updates for other reasons, but they’ve flagged one of my apps as being in violation, even though I haven’t touched it since MAY 2014!
I know for a fact that I haven’t touched anything in it’s listing either.

Anyone else seeing this happening?

Obviously I will be updating this app ASAP as that’s all I can do.

Make sure you update your old apps!

I hope it’s a one time mistake. I have many old apps that I don’t want to update (since I would have to rework a lot to make it compatible with the latest version of all the libraries I use). :frowning:

Maybe there are testing system for detecting this policy violation? I don’t remember anyone being banned by not using AD ID (after august), so maybe they are preparing for enforcing it?

Yeah its quite a lot of work for me too. Luckily this one isn’t much work though.

Yeah Google said that the new policy specifically targeted new apps and newly updated apps.

Hopefully this is a one-off, but it would be no surprise to me if they were gearing up to push it on older apps over time now. Google does as Google pleases.

Looks like it may be more of a preemptive warning, rather than something I have to address right now. When I go on the app’s listing in the dev console I get this dialog:

It looks like its more of a forceful reminder, but as usual its worded in a way that you wouldn’t want to wait.
I have plenty of other apps still not updated, so I don’t get why just this one has been flagged. Probably a Google bot.

What SDKs are yuu using in that app? Maybe Google targets some specific SDK in this app that uses old Android ID for more than other old SDKs?

The most up to date versions of SDKs in May 2014 for Admob, AppBrain & StartApp Specifically:
Admob 6.4.1
AppBrain 10.01
StartApp 2.1.1

I had two active apps with some old startapp sdk and few days ago I got this alert, so I updated apps and it was ok.
Today they flagged one of my apps, that is unpublished for long, long time, and message still says, that “all new and updated apps” have to comply with advertising id. Why then Google checks unpublished apps?

U updated these apps? Which u don’t want to update or unpublished them?

What is this “Advertising ID” and what all one need to do to support it in apps?

Implementing “Google Play Services” SDK will take care of it OR it needs some other procedure?

Not yet. I don’t have time. They use old versions of my libraries and libGDX which would require fixing many issues to update. And unpublishing would lose me downloads they still generate.

Yeah that’s right, as well as using most up to date SDKs from other networks.

do you think they will ban apps if ad network sdk is not updated?

I don’t think its worth taking a chance, given Google’s attitude to developers lately.
People seem to get banned for next to nothing sometimes, so its probably best to give them as little reason as possible to target you.

My app, which is unpublished since June 2014 received warning that uses SDK advertising network incompatible with the new policy of Google (Advertising ID).
Any advice?
I wrote to google but maybe something else I should do.

I’ve updated my unpublished app. Just removed ad network SDK and uploaded apk to GP without republishing app. After 2 days warning disappeared

I also removed SDK from the rest of my unpublished apps, I’m not going to republish them and I don’t want to get this warning for each of them

Where is the warning displayed? Strange that I don’t have one, maybe because my old apps - which are the only ones I have not updated yet - use only AdMob and AppBrain (old SDKs).

Yeah it only seems to be flagging old StartApp SDKs, which StartApp sent a message out to urge people to use their latest SDKs.
I’ve had 4 warnings come through now, but they don’t send them via e-mail, so they aren’t proper notices. Still a good idea to update in any case.

I received one of these warnings some days ago. I can’t remember if it was for StartApp or Appflood. It was a game that hadn’t been updated since March and wasn’t showing any ads at all of these networks as i control it from a server. Anyway i deleted the sdk from my game, reuploaded to GP and the warning was gone.