Google suspended app unpublished

Hi, I did a year ago and publishing an application to Google.

I unpublish why this application had few downloads.

Yesterday I received an email from Google that explains that the application has been suspended for a violation of the policy developer.

Google does not allow removing an application from the developer.

From now begin to open accounts with virtual machines, VPN and using mobile cards preload.

Do you mean you click unpublish, then Google suspend you next day? If yes, it was normal.

A year ago I unpublish app and google yesterday suspended this app.

Then it is not common, try contact Google.

What was the reason of the suspension?

Yesterday I had similar issue. Contact them. They removed the strike from my account.

So it was a bug in the system? or your unpublished App actually had any policy violation? (even if of course they shouldn’t affect an unpublished App)

That’s just not true, they can and do ban unpublished apps. This happened to me and during rebuttal correspondence they clearly said that they will suspend unpublished apps for policy violations because you allowed the app to be published at one time and your previous users still have access to that app. It also results in a policy strike!

Actually I think this one is true. I had similar problem before. But it is just too unfair because they do not let you delete an app.

BTW Does anyone know if an app/update rejection is equal to an app removal? One update rejection is one strike?

Nah update rejection is not one strike…you can modify and re upload your APK :)…

Its what I thought (and hoped) too. Thanks for confirming it!

I did 2 of my apps unpublished 2 years ago and it got a warning say that “Security alert
Your app is using a version of Airpush containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Centre article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.
Affects APK version 10.” . I lost both of them key stores with my both external and internal hds. Should I contact the help centre or ignore the warning or Can i revert to the very older version which doen’t use airpush?

Just ignore the warning…I too have 5 apps unpublished since 2.5 year’s and they have Startapp PPD SDK integrated on them and I have the same security alert…:slight_smile:

I advise you contact to Google with question like this. Also you can upload your app again