Google suspended 3 of my apps! I don't understand why?

Hi guys,
3 days ago I tried to update the icon of my existing app that had around 5K downloads
then google suspended the app and claimed this
REASON FOR SUSPENSION:Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the IP infringement and impersonation policy help article for more information.
Protected work could typically include product names, brands, images, logos, music, and similar works.

So I went and changed the package name and changed the icon and some of the graphics, and tried to submit the app again!
they suspended the second one also, I don’t know why but I changed the whole app except for the music tn the background which I have the right to use.

Tried to upload it again today the same problem I got this
This is a notification that your application, xxxxx, with package ID com.xxxxxxx, has been suspended from the Google Play Store.
REASON FOR SUSPENSION:Violation of the impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the impersonation policy help article for more information.
If you are authorized to publish on behalf of the original content or brand owner, please contact us via the Google Play Help Center and attach verifiable and accepted proof of permission.

I don’t understand why is google won’t let me re submit my app
it was working fine until I tried to update the icon!

Is your app content made by your self or do you have license to use the content…

The reason is simple you a
are using a copyright material just remove it. I would suggest you not to publish the app again with any modification if you are not 1000% percent sure about the problem. Try sending an appeal. If there is some error in the system Google
will check and approve your app. If you tried to publish your app again without solving the problem you will get banned for life

Welcome to Google Play, the place where banning will occasionally surprise the devs.

That’s sad to hear. Better off buying new gp account before you get complete termination.

Indeed sad to hear. Like Appsdealer says maybe it’s better to buy a new google account before you get a complete termination, google is an evil company.

and I got banned that day after 3 policy Strikes

what types of apps you have? so you’re dev account also banned? or google give you time to repair?

You should describe more in details what’s your App is about.
About 6 months ago I got one App suspended with the same message from Google.
My problem was the App Title, as it should have been “App for XXXX” and not “XXXX App” with XXXX being another copyrighted Application/Service.
Luckily I changed the name of all my other Apps straight away so they weren’t affected.

(on a side note, in the meantime I tried to get written consent from the Copyright holder to use their name in my Apps and, after I got it, I submitted appeal to Google about the suspended App and they reinstated it even one month later)