google subpoena

Anyone else gotten an email like this?:


Google has received a subpoena seeking information related to Android
applications that may have been made available on alternative markets
without the consent of the developer. The subpoena seeks information
about those Android applications, including contact information for the
developers of the applications. Our records show that your Android
developer account will be included in the information Google will provide
in response to this subpoena.

Google is not in a position to provide you with legal advice or discuss
the substance of the process in our possession. For more information
about the subpoena, you may wish to contact the Federal Bureau of
Investigation – Atlanta Field Office at (404) 679-9000, reference #

Google Legal Investigations Support

WTH? I don’t even know what this means… and of course the email address is no reply:[email protected]

Just got this too, I am a themer that makes themes for go/nova/apex launchers this scared the crap out of me.

Just googled and came across this:

Maybe your apps were pirated elsewhere… you guys having apps that are not free on Google Play?

Ah, that explains it, thanks for the info.

It’s raining comments on Google plus on this topic.
I Do like the fact that Google informed developers that their contact information was passed to the FBI, even when the FBI suggested not to send that email.

Don’t be scared. It does not mean you are the one who is under investigation, it means they are investigation if your apps are pirated by someone else.

Are there legal considerations to publishing Go Launcher themes for profit? Does Go Launcher not approve of this?