Google started deleting fake 5 star reviews

I have 5 apps in market & from last 1 month I am giving 5 star rating & review from group & friends from facebook.
Everyday to each app I managed 5 - 10 fake 5 star reviews.
Now what is happening is that total count of 5* reviews are decreasing each day. Suppose I do 8 reviews today to an app & the next day google decreases this no to 12. But the comment given by user is not deleted, Only the number count is decreased affecting the overall rating of my app.
Does this problem is faced by some of you guys?

Yes, especialy for fiverr. If you buy rating, many suppliers are using the same device, ip and localization for rate. Google is detecting it after couple weeks and deleting. It may happen, when your groups/friends were using multiple devices/multiple gmail accounts to rate. For example, if somebody have tablet and 5 accounts + phone and 4 accounts, there will be just 1 max 2 real stars because google detects device id, localization, email and ip adress.

BTW. it can a temporary google play error too :wink:

saw that also, started yesterday i wonder what that was lol, so what do you think guys? next step is deleting the apps? hopefully not.
also the keyword ranking went bizarre and kinda " shuffled " some apps in/down/up

instead of buying 5 star reviews, the best strategy is to simply make high quality apps which will get 4+ rating by itself

Good unique apps always get higher ratings which are real.
In fiverr the fake review problem always come.It’s really good they started to detected fake reviews.Lot of fake reviews not only promote wrong apps even it damage the eco system completely in the play store.For that reason some good conceptual game get less download.