Google Removing 90% of reviews / ratings ? Anyone Else?

Hello dear forum friends / member’s,

I have noticed that google is recently (after the new google play store update) is removing 90% of ratings / reviews from my apps. No these are not fake ratings lol , i had a bunch of my friends and family (about 20 people) download my app and give it a review but almost every day google was removing a few of them at a time and now for example its at 3 ratings from 20+ ratings. I don’t know what is exactly going on and wanted to see if anyone else is having same issue ???
Also this is not just on 1 app , this is happening across the board on all my apps and few of my other developer friends.
I launched an app to test this out and had bunch of other people , With real devices , real gmail accounts real everything download and rate the app but google still removed them and did not send any emails or anything regarding this. Interesting thing is that when for example my friend opens up his google play store on his device and goes to installed apps (clicks on my app) it shows it downloaded and shows his rating / review but on my dashboard it is not there.

So lets hear it guys / gals , anyone else having same issue ? anyone know what is the issue ?
im sure we can all help each other here to find a way to get our hard earned ratings stick to our apps.

Cheers To all