Google policy about making the user share content on facebook?

[LEFT]Is it against google’s policy to make the user share on facebook to unlock additional features? The app itself is going to be free. To unlock (if you want to ) some additional features you will have to share a post on your timeline promoting my app. Is it legal or will my app get suspended?[/LEFT]

One of my apps has this feature, can I ask where did you obtained this information that this is frowned upon or against Google policy?

I didn’t ask the question because I saw it mentioned somewhere but because of all the changes google is making to their policies, it got me confused. I can’t recall very well but I think I heard something like this a while ago, I might be wrong though. Maybe it was something else. I searched google but couldn’t find any policy that relates to it. So may be my concerns aren’t valid.

No its not according to their policy forcing the user to click on ads to unlock additional features is not allowed

Big publishers have been doing that for year, you should be fine

its pretty much within the guidelines, just dont force the user to rate your app for unlocking content.

Don’t try to compare big publishers (read big money) with small publishers (read low to no money).

I am pretty sure we are not treated the same way.

Hmm, then I will be going with this approach. Let’s hope for the best. And yes I know I can’t force them to click ads. I also thought about giving the option to rate it in case someone doesn’t have facebook; but hearing the warning, I won’t do so.

Maybe not, but rules are the same for big and small publishers, the difference is small publishers half-ass everything and try sketchy shit all the time.

Maybe you’re right, maybe not. Anyway, I don’t do stuff just because big players do. I prefer to play safe :wink: