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So I just released a new game a few days ago and I’ve been running campaign with Appbrain to boost downloads from USA, UK and Australia.

So far I’ve paid for around 500 installs in these countries but I am not getting any organic downloads. Looks like my game is just not visible.

So I would like to understand more about how this works and I would appreciate your opinions.

When I look in the Top New Free for Brain & Puzzle I can see my game being listed #312. That’s in Romania where I have around 5 downloads in total. I’ve also had someone look to see if my game is in the same section for the UK market and it’s not even though I have more than 150 installs from the UK. So how come it’s shows in top free for Romania with only 5 downloads but it’s not visible in the UK with more than 150 downloads?

I know the UK is a tough country to reach but I have 30 times more downloads from the UK compared to Romania. Am I missing something here?

Another problem I am seeing with the visibility of my game is that there is absolutely no section related to “Users have also installed…”, “Similar apps…” etc available on my game’s google play page. So that means my game won’t show up inside other games’ pages either. I know I only have 500 installs in total but my previous game was showing those sections when it only had 50-100 downloads. So what’s up with that?

Looking forward to your answers!

Show me your game. I will try to clone it :slight_smile: and show you how to reach top free list.
Jokes apart, the ranking is decided by many factors including the context/category of app, translations, download and uninstall rate. Unless we see that data, how can we comment

The game is in my signature :slight_smile:

Installs: 401 active / 543 total

It’s in the Brain & Puzzles category.

No translations.

I see. there is no google suggest for the keyword fireball. You would have gained more installs by including the keyword firefox somehow.
If you want organic download, optimize your title, description for most searched yet related keywords.

I tried to optimize it for the keywords fireball, escape, puzzle, game. I actually had a professional write the description. I originally had the game released as Fire Ball Escape, then Fireball Escape Game, then Fireball Puzzle Game. I also searched for keywords with the google keyword tool and these keywords were chosen carefully.

Leave fireball, I don’t think any one searches for that.
the words puzzle and game are too broad with complete categories based on them.
Ideal keywords any time for SEO are the ones with medium competition and high cpc

And what are those medium competition with high cpc words? :slight_smile:

that you need to find using google keyword tool.
one suggestion: firefox puzzle game (kind of typo for fireball puzzle game).
Next time create a game with theme as angry ball, fruit ball and insert some sounds for birds and fruits.

Yeah, I used google keyword tool and that’s how I got the current description. :slight_smile:

Using firefox puzzle game… won’t that drive people away from my game when they see there is absolutely no fox in my game? Also, changing just the name to firefox won’t have much importance unless I add firefox keywords in the description.

I like the idea of angry ball, it sounds good, it sounds appealing and actually matches my game (or so I believe). But competition for “angry” is huuuuuge, I won’t list in top 100 for sure for that keyword.

Another idea: Fire / Flaming Bubbles

I see you changed it to Angry Balls - did it affect downloads (or rankings as evident from ?

Searching for Angry Balls - there are about 6 apps with same name.

What is interesting is that Angry Ball gave much better results for the Angry Ball games, but a search for Angry Balls (with an s) gave Angry Balls by Jon-G as top, then there was Angry Birds etc.

This suggests changing name to Angry Balls may get you listed better for both Angry Ball and Angry Balls (?)

appannie stats haven’t updated in more than 24 hours.

I think I see a small improvement in downloads but can’t know if it’s because the title change or that I got listed in New Zealand top new brain & puzzle.

I now see the category “Users also installed…” on my game’s page and there are a bunch of apps there with just a few downloads. I don’t know if changing the title had an effect on this.