Google Play Trademark violations

Hi all,

My app has been removed from the Google Play Store because using “iphone” keyword in the title & description (Apple sent an email complain about my app to Google Play :mad: ).

Now i’m published others app, but just using “iphone” keyword in the feedback link like this:

My app description bla bla
Give us feedback: steht zum Verkauf - Sedo GmbH

My question is this way violate Google Play policy? thanks for your help! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you want iphone keyword just put at end of description. “Also available on iPhone and iPad”

That’s simple and useful, thanks you :slight_smile:

yeah as the guy above mentioned the correct way to write is like that, but I wonder if they will Remove your app still… I think certain keywords such as Google, iPhone, ps3 etc etc… you cannot use regardless…

The problem is in that fact that “iphone” is a registered trademark, and you cannot use this keyword. There are a lot of details that you should know. Try to ask these guys , they are giving free legal advice. When I had such king of questions, they helped me.