Google Play Trademark Notice

Today I got an email stating:

"This is a notification that your application, Sudoku Game Free, with package ID com.azeandroid.sudokufree, has been removed from the Japan Google Play Store.

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement.

Google has been notified that aspects of your application, Sudoku Game Free, allegedly infringe upon the trademarks of others, and it has been removed from the Google Play Store due to a violation of the Content Policy.

All violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature will result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts. "

I don’t understand, some people from Japan own the Sudoku game rights or what?

According to Wikipedia a Japanese company called Nikoli owns the trademark

Do you mean, to avoid trademark, we cannot name app start with “Sudoku”? :frowning:

Not in Japan, no.

That’s strange Google is only enforcing the trademark in Japan… if you violate trademarks of a US company they remove your app from the entire play store, not just the US version

Got the mail for a trademark violation in the US and China and my app is only removed in those stores.