Google Play Trademark Notice - anyone had the same problem - app name

So i ve got a mail from google that one of my games is using word which is trademarked, and that would not be strange if i used some brand name or something similar. I did not. Trademarked word is - “memory”. I cant belive this word can be trademarked as some brand name. So there is like 100 more apps and games attached in mail and everyone of us got this warning. So, what should i do, there is google warning that if we cant find a deal with the person(company) who has this rights about word memory, google may need to remove our apps from Google Play. They also say that the word “memory” is used in a non-descriptive manner. Anyone with similar issue? Thanks in advance

Can we see your app link?

I cant post links i can say that my game is casual game and it has memory in its title, and my game is released one year before this company game with similar name, which they say is trademarked - again they say that they trademarked word memory , other devs games are also way older and have way more downloads and DAU than this one. Anyone with similar experiences, or some advice?

Google is stupid! How comes that the one dictionary word “memory” got trademark? No way!

I dont know how is that possible, here is the copy from mail trademark_explain: For the above mentioned URL there is a trademark infringement within the name of the app. It contains the word “memory”, which is a trademark of that company, within its title. The word “memory” is used in a non-descriptive manner. I m not sure what to do, like i said there is like 100 other devs attached with this same message, and all of our apps and games contain word memory somewhere in title.

Google sent you an email with other 100s Devs email addresses included???

No, they send me original trademark complaint with other devs URL(including my) of their apps included in mail.

Is the word ‘Google’ trademarked???

I just found that the same problem was back in 2012 at apple store, company name is Ravensburger from Germany. This is ridiculous. So should i just change apps name or what, and for how many countries this trademark works??

Here is the link for that app:

That is really stupid. The game itself is very poor and doesn’t have many users. It seems like it is the way how to destroy the competition :confused:

Thats really sad. One thing is sure, they want to get rid off the competition. I ll probably have to change my games name

I’ve also received that e-mail and immediately unpublished my game for now. It was my first game on Android, shame to see it go, but what can you do?

Anyone has experience with such cases? Is unpublishing enough or should I also try to contact the company or notify Google how I complied?

I also had the same situation… Google banned my app without a reason - competitor send dmca about fake trademark. Google believed that he had trademark for word ‘radar’. And they banned me. After few months they also banned the competitor- maybe they found out that he was scamming them and me. But I didn’t get my app reinstated:/

So I think you should try to contact Google about this!

As I can see, the game is poor and not original! They used the word “memory” for their game, but that is one word only, so it should not be trademarked. The word memory is a general word!

I ll try to change game name, and than see from there. There are so much limitation in this industry, that trying to earn some money and be indie dev is so hard

That’s ridiculous, indeed.
You will need to change your app’s name to use the word “memory” in a descriptive manner, like google said. So if your app’s title is “memory game”, you will need to use something like “game of memory”, “game for memory” etc

I ll do something like that for my game name. Thanks everyone

That is really stupid of Google, have you contacted with Google after they removed the competitor?

Nope. I just went through it and forgot about this… Google removed my apps few times without any reason, but I know that if I will contact them - they can scan my other apps and maybe ban them too… I prefere to forget about such things and create new apps - it’s waste of time fighting with google

Don’t use the word “memory” at all.