Google Play Store Active Install is dropping

In the last 2 days I have a new strange issue:
The “Active Install” counter of my app in “Google Play Store Console” is dropping.
The number of daily installs is still much bigger than the daily uninstall.
Also, when I check the “ACTIVE DEVICE INSTALLS BY APP VERSION” I see that for some old versions (that are NOT distributed for a few months) the counter is growing?!?
Someone have any idea what they are cooking now?

yeah!.I noticed the same abnormal active install drop since two days ago with all of my 8 apps. My 70k active user installs app experienced almost 800 drops for a single day !

I can confirm that I am seeing the same thing - over 3-5 days a sudden drop - that is not reflected that much (or at least from casual glance) by new installs or by uninstalls (?).

From looking at the same numbers by device etc. etc. … I am getting a gut feeling that it MAY be related to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch - as the behavior is highly anomalous over 5 days or so and is not seen previously on the graph.

I wonder if it could be related to a number of S2 users or S3 users switching away to a new phone - and the new phone has not installed the new apps yet (assuming they signed up with the same google id - assuming also that such apps are queued to be installed on the new device). Or these users could be using the new phone with a new google play id or something.

Another option is some way for Google Play to be counting differently than before - or some android version upgrade which is making the app not work (leading to greater uninstalls) - but that can’t be it - since this behavior seems confirmed by others.

Looking at active installs by device - I can see that for the Nexus 7 the graph is steadily going up - however the graphs are falling for the S2 and S3 or Samsung devices in general (?).

Is Samsung dropping support for Google Play with it’s own store perhaps or some such thing which could be having an impact.

Samsung devices are a huge part of android ecosystem - and samsung moving away from Google Play or some such thing would have some serious effects (though not sure if users would like that type of walled garden approach).

But how can you explain the fact that the counter was growing for some old versions (that are NOT distributed for a few months)?
In the last 2 days (16/17 May) the behaviour of the graph is more or less normal (in my case).

Hey guys im very happy to see you suffering from the same bug. the samsung thesis seems pretty logical to me as I got many s2/s3 users. but what I think, is something different:

you never had a possibility to check in google play, how many people use your app frequently.
now it would make sense if google just counts users that used your app in the e.g. last 24 hours. that would answer the old-version-question

just an idea …