Google Play stats not updated for 2 days

Anyone has a similar problem? It affects my new app because it should be higher up on the lists now. On the other hand it doesn’t drop either which probably means others are also affected - at least in my country.

Same here, not updated. However I dont think it will affects your ranking as ranking stats updates more than once a day - I think

It would mean that it’s not a good period to publish app.

I just published one app and it show up after few hours… so no issue

They have just updated. Topic closed I suppose. :slight_smile:

Indeed, my account took at least 12 hours longer to update than normal. Technical problems on their side?

Yeah, it happens from time to time probably. I have noticed because I observe my stats very carefully to check if AppBrain ads are doing any good for my new game. :slight_smile: (in short: they are, but seems today you need to spend tons of money to get your game noticed, my small promotion doesn’t do much)

Appbrain used to be pretty affordable for indies, but I can’t afford their rates now. Have you found any other good cpi sources? I was thinking of trying tapjoy and fb ads with my next app. Also, if you can get the cpa type ads with adMob, I was getting installs for about $.20 about 6 months ago. Not sure how they do now.