Google Play stats not updated - anyone?

It seems there is no stats for me ytd…anyone has the same problem?

Same here… last stats only of March 30.

I have the same problem

Got the same problem, last stats from March 30

Still the same, no updates at all…not sure what’s going on. hmmm

BIG DROP in ALL my apps! Are you experiencing similar issue? It seems some people cant download our apps.

me too…plus they banned my apps and my competitors apps…Probably they are cleaning up.And 1 app is currently not ranked.

What’s your app that got banned? under what violation?

It has happened to me a couple of times before that the stats are not updated for a day or two.

Things usually go back to normal after this delay, as Google manages to retrieve and display the data for the “empty” days.

I just checked the stats today - half of my apps do not have current/total install and the other half are updated with latest stats…anyone has same problem? why so strange? hmm