Google Play Stats - Huge drops in downloads from 8th june to 9th?


Have you also experienced huge drops in downloads from 8th june to 9th?

Glitch in stats or something changed in app positioning?

Just wanted to verify that this happened to me as well. My app still has the same rank in Google Play, but it reports about 30% the number of downloads.

Went from averaging about 3000 downloads to hitting just 1000 for Tuesday’s report.

I also verified with my analytics software, that the number of new user’s I had on Tuesday was about 3000. This to me likely indicates a reporting glitch.

The same here, 54% less downloads, but ads statistics seems to be OK

Same here, huge drop in Tuesday, glad it’s general.

Same here, but i checked Google Analytics still same as previous day/week. May be this is only Play stats problem, your download still OK.