Google play security alert!


I just got the warning in my play console yesterday night for all of my apps. I was like come on man, now what?

Here is the warning :

Security alert
Your app is using an unsafe implementation of the X509TrustManager interface with an Apache HTTP client, resulting in a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.
Affects APK version 3.

I do not have any clue about this warning as i have not implemented any X509TrustManager code in my apps but one of the guy in the below thread says it might be the “Mobilecore” that is causing this. Can someone please log in to their console and confirm the same?

Thread :

android - Google Play security alert for insecure TrustManager - Stack Overflow


Are you using the newest MobileCore SDK? (the one without the automatic loading of Ads)

Nope man. The previous version.

Which adnetwork / other thridparty libs are you using?

Admob / Mobilecore / MAT.

That’s Mobilecore sdk, all of my apps that have that warning used mobilecore sdk, others don’t have

Man, now what? Will have to update the apps? Time to change the network i think… Phew!!

I received this message for disabled app which has no advertising

Oh!! Did you implement any WebView in that app? Are you communicating with any Http client?

It is an issue of certificates, the error is not in the SDK yet. I think the error is in the Android SDK code. We’ll see how to fix it.

It was mobileCore that’s causing the problem. Btw, the deadline for fixing the problem is 3 months away, so no need to worry too much now.

I have many Apps with MobileCore SDK but I didn’t receive this warning yet…

Hey kell,

Who do you refer “WE” over here?

Yeah man but need to update 50+ apps. Big work!! Btw how can you confirm that it is about the mobilecore?

You dont need to update it fast… Juz remove their sdk when u will publish an update… They will ban only new apps or updated, not the old ones

We’ll see how to upgrade in the coming days. I think right now there are a lot of confusion.

I removed the mobilecore, update the apps and now no warning anymore.

I have not touched anything.

I have applications that have Mobilecore SDK with NO warning.
These applications might not even the robot pointed ?? It is that this is crazy

Weird, same issue here. It’s pathetic that this is only view-able in the developer console and that there has been no e-mails!?
@mobileCore please can you shed some light on this?


You mean the OLD warning disappeared from the Console ? Or No any new warning for the Updated Version Code ? Could you please confirm me.
@mobileCore suggest some solution.