google play registration issue

Hi guys,
During registration for google play developer, I have to pay 25 dollar fee with credit or debit card. Now here comes the horror, not with amount but with method. In my country, it is very hard to get an international credit card for individuals. Now I have friends and relatives in my country and abroad, who does have the international credit card or debit card. Now can they pay for me? will it cause any problem in future? :confused::confused:

I will tell about creating new account and visa cards worldwide in my new ebook. It will be available tomorrow. Cheers!

As my payoneer card has not arrived yet and I need quick registration and enter into market, I told my friend to pay for me. He has a payoneer international debit card. I gave him my gmail ID/pass, then he payed and registered for me. Then I got this,

I was satisfied but after some minutes, these two email pops up,


When I go to manage, they ask me my national ID/driver license etc. Frustrating!! I don’t know why this happened. I have seen people having same kinda problem of temporary suspension. And I have also seen, it take a while(2-3 months :mad:) for them to lift suspension. So my friend opened GP account from his debit card and just gave me his ID-pass of his gmail account. I will probably get my payoneer card after a month. What do you suggest guys? I give them my national ID and other stuffs to verify and start registering on GP from my current gmail AC. Or start newly. P.S. I have admob account tied with current gmail AC.

excited to see your book!!