Google Play - "Recommended for you" categories broken?


AFAIR when i entered games in Google Play i saw categories like “Puzzle Games” with “Recommenend for you” subtitle etc. Basically every games category has been there with “Recommended for you”.

Now i don’t see such categories anywhere. Also my games downloads dropped recently. Did Google changed or broken something??

Same here, in the last 24 hours my downloads dropped

Same here. Facing a huge download drop. God, this is the worst.

Same here :confused: my revenues dropped 50% this week.

Is it normal for downloads to drop after Christmas, i dont think it is related to the existence or not of the “Recommended for you” sections

Well, in our case downloads dropped from 12.000 a day to 4000 a day. The dropped started on December 31 from one minute to another as if a feature stopped.

Are you sure that was not the case? Your app stop being featured?

Yes, our app wasn’t featured. We released a new app 45 days ago which got a huge boost in downloads, increasing day by day from 50 downloads to 12.000 downloads. The reason for the increase was that we appeared in the similar lists of almost every game from ketchapp, which also was the reason we appeared in the recommendations from ketchapp game downloaders. The same second this system disappeared our downloads got a massive drop.

Those are pretty awesome stats, did you trend as well?

Trends don’t exist anymore, do they? The downloads are fine, the income is not though. December was awful.

Yes, they still have the Trending section for Games and Apps. It’s the last tab to the right.

What are you using for ads?

Found the section. No idea if we were displayed there or if the increasement was too slow.
We use Unity Ads for rewarded videos and Chartboost + Admob for Insterstitials. Most income is from rewarded videos. Almost no income from Interstitials.

When i enter applications category in google play, i see some categories with “Recommended for you”, but when i enter any i see “no results”.

I have a feeling google broken something…

The recommended sections are back since tonight and I already see a 80% boost in downloads from the usual amount… and it’s Wednesday.

How did you manage to get on the similar list of apps from KetchApp?
Their apps have 1m + downloads.
To my knowledge you’d already need a high number of installs to be on their similar lists. Am I wrong?

Yep, this is just a matter of statistics. Usually you need more downloads than another app to be listed there, because of a mathematically natural match. Our app though was optimized to appear in these lists and we where already listed in their similar section when our game only had between 1000 and 10.000 downloads. We just had enough similar users already to appear there.

What do you mean by “optimized to appear in these lists”?

A lot of SEO in our app description.