Google Play Rating Policy

Hi i checked Google Play Rating policy and saw a rule.
“Don’t post fake reviews intended to boost or lower ratings.”

So some people make review exchange and some people rate their own app. Is this a reason for banning the app or account?

I think for small number of reviews, Google will just remove the reviews. Better still, don’t post fake reviews.

With developers opening making review exchange in so many forums, it is no wonder google is starting to learn the tricks/tactics developers do and slowly taking measures to counter it.
Granted some are hard to counter as it require manual labor intervention rather than automated bots working.
Reviews,ratings,fake accounts,fake downloads what other tricks you opening share just give them an idea on what to do to counter.

This is life. People play games and the game master find ways to counter to make the game clean and fair.
This is not specific to GP in this context. In fact this applies to all other things/events/happenings around the world we see around us.
Sad but true is a song I like from metallica.

It’s actually quite easy to detect if people are using their developer accounts (or accounts Google has already connected to their developer accounts).