Google Play rating is broken?

Hi all,
I have published my first Android app and have a strong feeling that ratings are fake. Why do I think that?:

  1. Absolutly all 1-star ratings I have are with no comments, I even asked them for the reasons and I didnt get any answer.
  2. Half of 1-star ratings are anonymous
  3. Some of the 1-star ratings I CAN’T see the user’s name, its hidden. How can it be possible?

I have a very strong feeling that other developer is creating fake accounts just to rate me 1-star. But I dont wanna play dirty.
I would like to get in touch with Google to tell them:

  1. Change the rating system of Google Play, to be more reliable. Leaving a comment should be compulsory, not just giving stars
  2. Control fake acounts

How can I tell Google to review and investigate if someone is trying to discredit my app?